A Little Bit About Amika, The Hair Product Line We are Adding

A Little Bit About Amika, The Hair Product Line We are Adding

Haircare + tools for a lifestyle of self-expression and hair rebellion against conformity and the mundane.

Amika was founded by industry OUTSIDERS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2007 and is the antithesis of a typical beauty brand.

Instead of purveying unattainable perfection we believe in an idiosyncratic and totally individual version of beauty. The result is a culture of inclusion and positivity, all while delivering puddles of fun and a sunny disposition from looking at our packaging.

Amika products are like a good friend – straightforward, dependable, and fun to spend time with. We are kind-of obsessed with this “super-fruit” Sea Buckthorn Berry, so we include it in every haircare and styling product.

We are always on a quest for new technologies and ingredients to deliver high-performing products – even replacing ingredients when better alternatives are available. Our products are vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free and free from* sulfates, MIT, MCI, Phthalates and artificial colors.

Amika never has and never will conduct animal testing. When we create a product, we test it on ourselves, our friends, anyone and everyone we can get our hands on! We test on people, never animals.

The Artistry of Hair Dressing

Artistry is what brings amika to life. While some brands may specialize in color or cutting, amika brings the art of hairdressing to the forefront; from session & editorial styling to show-stopping, avant-garde hair. With fashion being the birthplace of all trends, each season we delve the runways on New York Fashion Week for inspiration. Our Artistic Team creates a collection of looks designed to capture the essence of the season—delivering them to salon professionals worldwide. With ever-changing trends and the emergence of new techniques, constant education is vital to the success of today’s industry professional.


For the color correcting purple shampoo, she says, “Bust Your Brass” Shampoo which is their purple shampoo to help people who have blonde color treated hair, keep their color fresh, and not turn into a brassy hot mess. My hair is naturally very dark…almost black. But, I have a honey blonde balayage. I used to use a different brand purple shampoo to maintain my blonde tone fresh, but I still saw it turn a little brassy 2-3 months after getting it done. I actually just recently had my balayage retouched, and because I went even lighter this time with the blonde, I saw it was turning brassy. With just two washes with Amika’s “Bust Your Brass Shampoo”, my blonde shade was renewed completely. Brass was completely gone. It became a beautiful cooler shade of blonde. And, the fact that it smells amazing is a plus of course! Using this shampoo at least 3 times a week is enough to keep your blonde bold and beautiful.

The Wizard Detangling Primer

Charlene goes on to school us on a pre-blowout spray that revolutionizes the whole experience from top to bottom, improving condition while reducing long minutes standing at the mirror!  ”The second Amika product I have is their ‘The Wizard’ Detangling Primer. It cuts your blow drying time in half, undoes all tangles in wet hair, and also protects your hair from heat. The name given to this particular product is very fitting, because when I use it, I feel like my hair magically dries itself with a perfect finish. This spray is legit life changing. No more battling with your long hair, and long blow dry sessions. This stuff helps your blow dry so fast, and leaves you with a beautiful blow out finish….full of bounce and shine. My hair is naturally wavy, and I have a ton of hair. Plus it’s a long length, so blow drying it can take forever. Not anymore though. Now, I actually look forward to my blow drying sessions. This spray also smells heavenly.”


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